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Daniel Velasco, President, Latinos for Education

Dr. Daniel Velasco is President of Latinos for Education, where he brings 13 years of experience in education, entrepreneurship, fundraising, and strategy. Previously serving as the Chief Operating and Chief Growth Officers, he joined as VP of Strategy and Programs in 2017 after five years at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Education. Before that, he taught with Teach For America and consulted on issues including evaluation policy, teacher retention, and adult learning and development. He sits on the boards of Rocketship Public Schools and the National Center for Teacher Residencies. Dr. Velasco was honored in 2016 by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in recognition for national service. Dr. Velasco is program faculty at Harvard’s School Turnaround Leadership program since 2013. Originally from Peru, he was raised in Venezuela and came to the U.S. as a child. He earned a BA with Honors in Political Science from the University of Central Florida and is a graduate of the ICN Business School in France. He holds master’s degrees in Education Policy and Management from Harvard and International Development and Social Change from Clark University. He earned multiple executive certifications including Strategic Planning and Scaling for Impact from Harvard Business School. He earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Johns Hopkins University with an emphasis on Human Capital Development.