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Unleash your potential

Like the students they serve, Rocketship teachers never stop learning. They continuously strive to master their practice, impact their students, and grow their career. Sound like you? Join us.

Developing Excellence

Coaching is a collaboration at Rocketship. Our team of school leaders provide instructional frameworks, professional development, and real-time coaching for teachers every single week. Just as our teachers invest their time and energy in the growth of their students, we invest our time and energy in the growth of our teachers.

Content Specialists

Our elementary teachers are subject experts who specialize in either Humanities or STEM. Content specialization allows teachers to develop much deeper expertise in their subject matter and creates a collaborative grade level team that works together to develop classroom management strategies, create lesson plans, and engage parents.

Partnering with Parents

If we are going to eliminate the achievement gap we must develop strong partnerships between families and schools. Our teachers partner closely with our parents to understand the unique needs of every student. By doing so, our parents are more deeply invested in their own student’s learning and become lifelong advocates for educational equity and excellence.

Fighting for Equity

We believe that all children have potential and that great public schools unleash that potential. But the quality of public education in our country today still depends on where you live and how much money your parents earn. We are building a movement to create educational equity in disadvantaged communities across our country.

Applicant Resources

Get tips to help you through each stage of our application process.

All Career Opportunities

 Our growing network depends on a diverse range of talent.

Teach with us!

We are now accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year. Join one of our 21 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville or Washington DC.


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